Recover data from a flash drive

Flash drive is a small & portable flash memory card that can be plugged into a computer through a USB port and functions as a portable device. They are very easy to use as they can be carried in a pocket due to their small size. They work on the principle of plug-n-play therefore they can be connected to any PC having a USB port. USB flash drives are smaller than external hard drives in respect to their size, but they are more durable & portable as there are no internal moving parts that might damage the data stored in them.

USB flash drives also are known as pen drives or key drives. The flash memory cards are used in digital cameras & mobile phones. The photos or videos that you capture through them are stored on the attached card. But this flash card is prone to data loss & as a result you might lose all the data stored on it. Also due to the use of the USB flash drive into many systems, you might lose the stored data. There can be various reasons due to which the files might go missing or they get deleted. Let’s see some of the common scenarios where Flash Disk Recovery will be useful for you –

  • Deletion – This is the most commonly occurring scenario as it might have occurred with almost every user. Deletion can be intentional or accidental, but both results in loss of data. You might accidentally remove some important files from your flash drive while erasing unwanted ones. Sometimes while previewing files, a user might accidentally press Delete All option, which results in the removal of all the files & folders present on the drive. After deleting a file, the first place the user looks in the Recycle Bin. But in case of deletion from an external drive connected to a computer system, the files do not go in the Recycle Bin, they simply bypass it. In that case an effective Flash Disk Recovery Tool will be of great use. It can easily recover deleted photos from flash drive & other type of files.
  • Formatting – Formatting a drive either intentionally or accidentally leads to a huge data loss, as formatting removes each & every bit from the flash drive. Intentional formatting is usually done either to make room for new files or to get rid of a serious virus infection. This kind of formatting is generally less dangerous as the user has a chance to take a backup. On the other side, accidental formatting is very disastrous. The user mistakenly formats a drive that leads him / her to a complete data loss.
  • Malware Attack – The digital camera & the phones, in which the flash memory cards are used, are nowadays always connected to the internet. Therefore, the chances of getting infected through a virus are much more. The viruses delete the files saved on a drive, without the user’s knowledge. This tool will help you in restoring data from flash cards like compact flash & memory cards. In order to restore video files saved on the compact flash cards, make use of this efficient recovery tool.  
  • File Transfer Interrupted – While transferring files from a flash drive to your computer, if the transfer gets interrupted due to any reason like power cut or abrupt removal of the flash drive, then the files that were being transferred, go missing or gets deleted.
  • Recover from various brands – This tool has a powerful & advanced scanning algorithm that makes the recovery process easy & fast. Its interface is very intuitive & can be operated by even a tech novice. This means you do not require any kind of deep technical knowledge to perform the recovery from flash drives. Flash disk recovery software can be used to restore data from various brands of compact flash drives like SanDisk compact flash drives. To know more about the recovery process, follow http://www.flash-disk-recovery.com/sandisk-compact-card.html.
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac OS – The tool is able to restore over 300 types of files like documents, audio files, videos, exe files & many more. A user can explore the possibilities to retrieve deleted photos from flash drive & perform the recovery all by themselves. This tool works perfectly on all the latest versions of Windows & Mac operating systems. To know more about Windows 7 flash disk recovery, you can try the demo version of the tool that is free to download.

Important Tips –

  1. Always double check before deleting a file from a flash drive.
  2. Don’t save any data on the USB drive when you have encountered accidental deletion.

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